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Women’s Guide to Using a Miter Saw

January 2, 2017

Many women today are interested in doing their own carpentry work. Does this describe you? Maybe you want to fix up your house, do some redecorating, modernize your home, or perhaps you have purchased a house to renovate and sell. Whatever the reason, unless you are already experienced with the tools of the trade, you will need some basic information about the tools and how to use them. So here is your woman’s guide to using a miter saw.

What is a Miter saw?
Miter saws are tools that have a very special purpose. They have a circular blade with jagged edges that is mounted on a swing arm that pivots right and left, to let you make very precise angled cuts. This is how you join together the corners of things like floorboards, moldings, window casings and door frames, picture frames and anything else that needs joined at the corners. With a best miter saw you can quickly and easily make these cuts so precise that they fit together tightly.

How is a miter saw used?
The first time you turn on your miter saw, it may startle you, because the saw will make a whining sound and jerk a bit in your hand. You can tell when the saw reaches its top speed by the sound. Wait until you hear this top speed sound before starting your cut.

When you are ready to cut your board, mark the board where you want to make the cut, then lower the saw blade slowly, keeping your hand steady as you cut through the board. When finished, keep holding the saw carriage in this position and then turn off the switch. Let the blade stop completely before raising it again, and keep a firm grip on the board you are cutting until the blade completely stops spinning.

Practice makes perfect
When you first start using a miter saw, you may feel a bit disappointed with the results. But don’t despair. This is a process that takes a bit of time to learn how to do well. Over time you will learn how to make your cut a little beyond the line, testing the fit and slicing off a little bit by bit. Clamping the board down can also contribute to a more accurate cut.

You will also learn how to take into account the thickness of the wood and the angle of the cut. The length of the board also needs to be considered. More than half of the board should be resting on the saw table. If the board is too long for this, you can rest the end of the board on something to support it.

Safety Issues
Power miter saws are safe to use if you read and follow the safety precautions in the instructions that will be included with your saw, but here are some basic and important safety precautions that you should be aware of:

  • You should never cut a piece that places your hands closer than 6″ from the blade, because this puts your hand at risk. If you need a piece smaller than this, cut it from a larger piece.
  • Never cross your arms when using a miter saw.
  • Make sure to unplug your saw when you are not using it or when you are changing the blade.
  • Let the blade stop completely before lifting it at the end of a cut.
  • Never reach under the saw blade when it is spinning.
  • It’s a good idea to wear safety glasses and some sort of ear protection when using the saw.

There are many reasons why a woman today might want to learn to use a miter saw. Besides carpentry work, miter saws can be used for making furniture, pieces of decor for the home, crafting projects and much more. This basic woman’s guide to using a miter saw has given you a good starting point.

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